Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Last Day of October.
Happy last day of my favorite month of the year.

It's fixin' to be a BUSY day! Halloween party at 10:15, Dentist at noon, trick or treating at 6. Add in the fact that I do have Hannah today, too and you have Busy! Thank goodness for husband who is gonna watch all 4 kids while I go have some pleasant deep cleaning done on my teeth. Oh the joys!

I am sure to have a zillion pics from today and the busy weekend. My new camera is awesome, so I am sure I will take more than my fair share.

Have a safe night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out for Delivery

Yay! My new camera will be here TODAY. I am beyond excited. I have been using a 35mm for a month now.

I just can't wait to try 'er out.

Let's just hope she works as well as I am hoping.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Library

We have lived in our house almost four years. We have been to the library, but never to the programs they offer. The problem is before school started, we weren't the earliest risers on the block. All the programs start sometime between 10 and 11. Prior to September, we were lucky if we were out of bed by 10 or 11.

So, now that I am up at 7am and the girls are up shortly after, we put Em on the bus and the little girls and I hit the library. I am thrilled with the programs they offer. Most of the time we just hit story time at 10am. This week, though, they have had many different offerings. We went to a puppet show, a Halloween party with Trick or Treating and today we even took Em to Afterschool Explorers for school age kids. While she was in her program, Elle, Cece and I colored, read and did puzzles for an hour in the kids room.

I am very pleased with our library and I am thoroughly impressed that we use the resources as much as we do. The girls ALL love going- even little Cece. I couldn't be happier to be living where we are! :)

(okay- well. I lied- maybe about 10 more acres, a few cows and chickens and a big tractor in the barn and I could be A LITTLE happier.)


Why on earth am I such an emotional basket case?

I was watching Deal or No Deal tonight. It was a great show. Well, the woman on there won the one million dollars and I sobbed. I couldn't control it. I had to get up and get a tissue it was so bad!

I have always been very emotional, but I swear becoming a mother made me all the more. I cry at EVERYTHING.

Geez Louise. Good thing I have some good waterproof mascara, huh?

Monday, October 27, 2008


We had our first Daisy meeting tonight and while I was scared to death about being a Leader, I think I might actually enjoy it. It was a big thing for me to take on this challenge. I tend to be more of an introvert and spend my days at home with my family (can you even believe that???) I used to be very outgoing, but the longer I am a SAHM, the harder it is for me to get out. I challenged myself to do this and so far so good.

We had five girls total show up today, but I think I have 3-5 more prospects. I am thrilled since only two weeks ago it was Emily and me. Whew. Thank goodness we have a troop. I am excited to get to know "my girls" and see where things take us this year. I have informed everyone that this is my learning year and to bear with me, so wish me luck!

The best part is when we were walking out of the meeting, after she had helped me clean up all the chairs and tables, Emily grabbed my hand and said, "I am so glad that you are going to be my Leader forever. Thank you Momma, I had so much fun with my friends."

Yep! This is gonna be so worth it! :)

What a super weekend!

We had the best weekend! Saturday Jay's brother, sister in law and nephew came out bright and early. The Mommas went shopping for the morning, we hit up two Mom to Moms and Marshalls, Target, and Taco Bell. :) The Daddies stayed behind with all the kids and had some bonding time. Jay doesn't spend nearly enough time with his brother, so it was much needed. I think thats what happens when four kids get thrown in the mix.

After BIL and SIL left, we got the kids ready to head over to my parents house for dinner. They got home from Denver late Friday and we hadn't seen them in TWO WEEKS! My sister and her husband came over as well. My parents made a spectacular meal and we sata round and visited. Then we got the kids in their costumes and headed over to the farm.

We met friends at the farm who we hardly see these days- darn that Kindergarten! A great time was had by all- even Jay, the LONE husband. He says he likes hanging out with all the chicks. But, in a house full of girls, I think he is just used to it. :) Thanks ladies for inviting us. We had a super time and apparently the best part of both of the girls' day was the egg hunt in the straw. :)

Sunday we laid low. We were going to go to Greenfield Village just Jay and I, but after we saw the $60 price tag, we decided to wait until the spring when hopefully money won't be so tight. Instead, we did a little camera shopping isnce my digital died a while back. (thats why I haven't updated any pics lately) We went to three stores and played with them all then came home and ordered one online. I can't wait to get it! Should be here Wed. or Thur. in time for Halloween. Yay!

After dinner, the girls had baths and bed and Momma and Daddy watched the Sunday night line up. Nice relaxing evening. Love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's so nice to be home

The day started at 7:01 am when my alarm went off. Emily requested pancakes for breakfast. I made a quadruple batch so I froze a few dozen.

Em and I were at the bus stop at 8:40. From there I came home and got Elle and Cecelia fed and dressed.

At 10:15, the little girls and I were at the library for a puppet performance.

At 11:20 we were at the gas station.

We actually came home and ran two loads of laundry. Waited for Em at the bus stop and grabbed her, threw the kids in the car and made it to my mom and dad's by 1:15 where we met my sister, Lisa, and helped her mow their lawn. Girls rode around in their jeep, then played ball and ran around like little maniacs. Cece spent the entire time I mowed the front lawn in her backpack carrier.

At 3:20 we left my mom and dad's and headed home. Threw in one more quick load of laundry and had a snack.

At 4:20 we left the house again headed for the carwash- my "baby" was mighty dirty and needed a bath.

At 4:30 we arrived at our friends house for playdate.

At 7:20 we got home and had a fast dinner. The girls brushed teeth, we read stories and by 8:45 they were tucked in. I sat with Cecelia and rocked until she fell asleep. Watched Private Practice and here I sit. I am exhausted and so ready for bed. It's been a long, fun filled day. :) Tomorrow promises to be just about as busy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

The girls were all three in the tub tonight and at some point all hell broke lose.

Emily was yelling that Elizabeth was splashing.

Elizabeth yells back, "No! I amn't Mommy. I am NOT splashing."

Amn't? I thought that was the cutest thing I have heard all day. :)

Thats the craziest thing I have ever heard

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We started out at Jay's parent's church because it was also their anniversary (40 years!!!!) and they had a Jubilee mass for all the milestone anniversaries. So we went and celebrated with them and Jay's brother, sister in law and nephew. We had a nice little snack in the church social hall and we came home to meet my sister Lisa so she could watch the girls while Jay and I went to celebrate on our own.

Everytime we drive thru downtown Rochester I always say how much I would enjoy parking and walking up and down and visiting all the quaint little shops. Being that we had no big plans, thats what we decided to do yesterday. A nice relaxing day. We made reservations for dinner at Kruse and Muer and headed out to Rochester. We go there, parked near the restaurant since we knew we wouldn't feel much like walking after we dined and set out walking. We made it to one end of the block when we realized that none of the shops were open! *shock* It's Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. How can they not be open? Apparently shop owners in Rochester don't do business on Sunday. It was a perfect day and a lot of people were in town, so I thought it was pretty crazy. We ended up going over to the Village of Rochester and had a snack at the Toll house Cafe and shopped a little in Whole Foods. I guess we will have to plan another day in downtown Rochester. This time we'll shoot for a Saturday I suppose.

All in all we had a beautiful day together. I must admit that I do really miss my little boogers when I am not with them. It was pretty nice though to engage in some adult conversation at dinner and have a few drinks. The best part was that I didn't have to cut up any food for anyone. :) Thank you Auntie Lisa for taking such good care of the girls. We apreciate it more than you will ever know.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Money well spent

My sister and her husband have this tradition that for every wedding they go to, they buy a bottle of Dom for the happy couple. We got ours 6 years ago. A 1993 bottle which was weird cause my sister and her husband got married in 1993. We actually offered to give them ours and buy a new bottle.

So then we tried to decide when to drink it. We were going to wait till our tenth anniversary, but everyone said not to wait that long for fear of it going bad. Then we set our sights on our fifth anniversary. Well, that kinda got shot down cause I was nursing a two week old baber. So, last night as we sat and watched The Love Guru and Jay ate his peanuts, I decided we should open it. High class all the way, huh? We had a great giggle about peanuts and Dom.

I was kinda sad to open the bottle, but at the same time I knew we'd better. It was kinda like this little prize that we had and we kept it in the chiller and spun it and spun it again. Now there is nothing left but an empty bottle. Granted, the stuff was really, really good, but now its gone. My guess is that I probably won't see another bottle of it for a good long time. Good thing I enjoyed it as much as I did, huh?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Sweetest Day

This is a big day for us! Technically it's not our anniversary. By date, that's tomorrow, October 19th. But by day, today, Saturday, Sweetest Day, it IS our anniversary. Jay and I got married SIX years ago this very day. Sweetest day was always a BIG deal for us. We never made it the Hallmark holiday everyone else did, but every year since the day we met, we sent Sweetest Day on Mackinac Island. It was the best time to go. Every shop was closing up for the winter and everything was cheap. There was never anyone there, so even the hotels were cheap.

For July 4th 2001, Jay and I had a trip planned to the Upper Peninsula and my friend Amy swore that he was going to propose. I kinda had a feeling, but then I knew it couldn't be because I had packed his whole suitcase (cause I am that kinda girlfriend lol) and I knew he didn't have the time to slip a ring in and I knew that he didn't get together with my dad which was something that was very dear to the both of us- my dad's permission. Anyway, I told my friend Amy that if indeed he did propose while we were on vacation, we would get married on Sweetest Day 2002. Sure enough. He did and WE DID. The rest is history.

Our wedding was THE BEST. It was laid back and fun. There was a lot of liquor flowing and I was barefoot. What more could a girl ask for? I was married to my best friend and I was having a riot. To this day, people still talk about our wedding- how much fun they had, how good the food was, how awesome the band was.....We had it at a K of C hall with a Polish band and an open bar. There were a few more than 400 people there and we all had a great time. One of these days we are going to throw the same kinda shin dig. Yeah, one of these days when I can fit back into my wedding dress. We say we'd like to do it for our 10th anniversary, but I think I'd rather see Europe instead. We'll see. I guess we have 4 years to figure it out. :)

Happy Anniversary Husband! We've made it thru six years. They haven't always been the happiest of times but I would do it again in a heartbeat! I'll take you: the good, the bad and the ugly. :) LOVE YOU! Here's to 66 more!!!!

Playing catch up....again!

Wow! We have been super duper busy these last few weeks again. I swear. It's a good thing all my business involves the kids cause I wouldn't be spending anytime with them if it didn't. We made it thru a first birthday party (of which I have NO pictures- our camera screwed up again and I lost them all- now I am waiting on Jay's sister in law, my parents, and my sister for some shots) We also made a trip up north ( pictures- Can ya tell I am a little peeved. We need a new camera with a quickness but my ever-loving husband is draggin' his feet) In between BIG weekends, we had a few playdates, went to the library a few times, put new glass block windows on the back side of the basement, (2 down 2 to go) found Halloween costumes, went to our first Halloween party of the year and I've been working on switching out summer and fall wardrobes....still. Its a lotta work with three kids. I'm also trying to weed out the clothes that we never wear cause they aren't my style and ones that just aren't going to make another kid. Some of our stuff is getting pretty well worn.

So, yes, it's been busy, but all in all fun. I couldn't ask for anything more- well, MAYBE some live in help. A nanny and a housekeeper and maybe a gourmet chef. But thats all. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A year ago this very day

I was sitting in my hospital room looking at my beautiful baby and praising God for her safe arrival. This was my first night as a mom of three and I was so very happy. Still in utter disbelief that I was holding a baby girl. My entire pregnancy I was convinced that SHE was a boy. I had a strong intuition and I don't think that you could have told me otherwise. We have never found out the sex of our children until birth, but I KNEW that she was a boy. I guess mothers intuition was way off this time around, huh?
I remember walking the halls at the hospital and in between I sat and listened to my hypnobirthing cds. I was so relaxed and things were going really well. Until the dr wanted to break my water. I panicked and got my epidural. In hindsight, I so could have done it. I just lost faith. Oh well, maybe the next time around. I did go VERY fast and within 20 minutes I dilated from 6 to complete and was ready to push. The nurses didn't believe me until I had Jay running the halls to find them. Must have been quite the sight. The dr was called as I literally sat with my legs crossed. I knew the baby was there and I had to push. Sure enough the dr walked in and I was ready. I was still totally in shock that it was time to have a baby and remember saying as Jay grabbed one leg and the nurse the other, "I can't believe I am having a baby right now." I pushed twice and the dr lifted up a baby. I fully expected him to lift up a baby boy. I looked once and then again and cried out, "It's a girl. Are you kidding me?" I couldn't have been happier at that moment. I felt so blessed to be the mother of THREE girls. I have two sisters and I know how close we are and I was so thrilled to know that my girls would have each other like I have my sisters. Not that brothers aren't cool, but nobody can have the same relationship with you as your sister.
First call was my parents. I told them the news, but made sure that they didn't tell Em and Elle what kind of sibling they had. I wanted them to find out for themselves. My parents brought the girls up to the hospital as soon as they woke up and had breakfast. We have always had a rule that no one was allowed to meet the new baby until the older sibling(s) did. The girls were so excited to have a new sister. I was so proud to show her off and introduce her to the important people in her life. What a glorious day. We had a few visitors, but mostly it was just Jay and I enjoying the first day with our new baby.
I remember feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of having 3 kids in 4 years. I remember thinking, "What was I thinking??" That lasted for such a short time. Cecelia melded right into our family as if she had always been with us. I ventured out quite a it on my own with the three of them and actually had fun. Cecelia just kinda jumped in and went with the flow. She has been a very easy kid from day one. She was the kid who got me into baby wearing hardcore and I swear that she spent the first 5 or 6 months of her life snuggled up next to my boob in the moby wrap. She was also the baby that got momma and daddy on board with co-sleeping (who'da thunk??) I slept for 5 straight months in a rocking chair with her to help with her reflux. She has been cloth diapered since birth (shocking, I know!!)
What a delight! I am so blessed to have Cecelia in my life and thank God everyday for her.
Happy Birthday, Lil Pumpkin. Momma's third little princess and Daddy's Lil Girl! We love you more than you can ever imagine.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This time last year part II

I ran into Emily's preschool teacher while I was at school doing a bulletin board. She asked how the family was and I told her the short version. She asked how the baby was and I told her she was going to be one tomorrow. She couldn't believe it. I said, "Seems like yesterday I was standing outside the classroom waiting for Emily while I was in labor." We had a good laugh.

One year ago at this very moment, I was tying up the lose ends at home while taking breaks in between to walk the stairs or rest on my birth ball. I was crying on the phone with my mom telling her to get home from my uncle's funeral as fast as she could and I was spending the last few hours with my TWO girls before I had THREE kids. At 6:30 pm, Jay's parents came to stay with the girls until my parents got home and we were headed to the hospital.

Seems like yesterday.
Stay tuned for part III...

Happy October!

I love October!
It's my favorite month hands down.
It's not my birth month.
It's not Jay's birth month.

It IS Cecelia's birth month.
It IS our anniversary month.
It IS the month of Halloween.

It's leaves, and pumpkins, and donuts, and cider, and fresh picked apples, and the orchard, and the cool weather, and the hot soups, and hayrides, and costumes, and trips up north, and the pumpkin patch, and snuggly evenings by the fire.

I love October!