Friday, September 11, 2009

34 weeks

Well....not as great an appt as the last 34 weeks worth.
I started to lose my plug on Sunday. I had contractions from Saturday on.
Tuesday was my appt. I made the doctor aware of all the changes (but only after we discussed that Paul Stanley from KISS had a baby in January lol) My doctor said he wants me sitting/ laying down for the majority of the day. I am NOT to overdo it. I need to delegate jobs and let things go. He wants the baby to cook as long as possible but would really like to see me make it to 37 weeks. I can do that. On the same token, he did say that I could go over 37 weeks, but with the way things are happening right now I might not. I wanted an early baby, but not this early.

So Tuesday I came home and told Jay the news. He wasn't thrilled but he sent me to sit down and that is basically what I have been doing the last three days. I move from the couch to the computer chair to the recliner to my bed. I get up and move a little during the day like to take Em to the bus stop and to pick her up. If anything this is good because I don't spend much time cleaning but instead more time reading, coloring and playing with the girls. Kinda nice. My mom came over yesterday evening and brought dinner- Taco Bell and raspberries. YUM! She cleaned up the house a little and played with the girls. I am so blessed to have her to help us anytime we need it!

So here's to at least 2.5 more weeks of baking baby! I can not for one second believe that we are nearing the finish line. I kinda wanna cry.