Friday, March 27, 2009

Elizabeth's Party

Elizabeth with her favorite birthday present and the only thing that she REALLY asked for. A new KISS shirt. She was THRILLED! Elizabeth's fairy glade cake. She saw a picture online and she loved it and Momma tried her best to duplicate it. What a pain in my arse. But the kid was happy and thats all that matters afterall.

Elizabeth with her cake and her TInkerbell balloon that Daddy suprised her with.

WE had lunch at Don Pablos on the actual day of her birth. Just our little family. It was perfect as always.

I am pretty sure Elizabeth had a great time at her birthday party. It was small. Just the immediate family- Busia and Dziadzia, Auntie Lisa and Uncle Rob, Auntie Laura and Donovan, Auntie Lynn, Unlce Jerry and Luke, and the five of us. Grandma and Grandpa are still down in Florida so they were unable to enjoy the festivities. We had lasagna, veggie penne alfredo and cheese stuffed shells, garlic bread, salad and veggies. With cake, Superman ice cream, BTS cake and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. There was no shortage of calories. It was a perfect day. Laid back and surrounded by the people who mean the most- family.

Elizabeth is 4!!

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Elizabeth Grace

Click on Elle's name to watch her first four years in pictures.

Splash Village March 09

Thanks to Auntie Laura, we had a beautiful first time ever girls overnighter at Splash Village. My two sisters, my mom, the girls and I had an awesome time! We were even upgraded to the best suite in the place. :) We swam a lot and laughed a lot and had a LOT of fun! On the way up we were able to share our news about the baby. IT was an awesome time and I only hope that we can do the same next year. Even with a baby in tow. We better hope its another girl or the poor little boy will have to stay home with Daddy. :)

It's long lost ME!

I guess I can finally fess up to why I have been MIA. Its the morning sickness- the all day sickness actually. And the tiredness. And the lack of interest in much of anything except sitting on my butt.

Yep! I'm pregnant!

We are so very excited and its been a very hard secret to keep! I am 10 weeks 3 days today and the baby should be here sometime around October 20. Though the last two have been earlier and earlier. I told my sister I am keeping this one in until her birthday so she better get used to sharing. Ha! I think if I went over 11 days I would be delivering one VERY large baby.

We went to the drs today for the first time and heard a perfect little heartbeat. 164 bpm. It was a fast appointment as all the first ones are and we were in and out. Emily was the most excited to hear the heartbeat and I almost cried. Okay- maybe I did...just a little.

So, here we go again. The fourth and final addition to our family. Its so awesome. But at the same time it's kind of sad. I know that everytime something happens for the first time this pregnancy, it is also the last first time I will feel it. I'm okay with it, though. We always said we wanted four and here it is...unless its twins. Or Emily told me today I could have three like Princess Fiona and Shrek. *gasp*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

Well apparently we have a Little Miss Chatterbox on our hands. And the funniest thing is that its the kid I thought least likely to be a talker at school. lol.

Emily has been bringing work home everyday that she is unable to complete at school. Then she started complaining that she didn't get to play or eat her snack at school. I was ready to investigate when the teacher sent another sheet of work home with a note attached. Seems that Emily finds it more neccessary to talk during her work time than actually do her work. Apparently she is visiting too much with her neighbors.

So I asked Emily about it. I asked her if she was still sitting by the one little boy that she has always sat by. Much to my surprise, she is now sitting next to a boy that she has known since preschool. I think there is a little puppy love there and apparently so since now its interfering with her work! I am so not ready for this! But I did sit down with Emily and explain to her that we are at school to learn and do our work and if indeed we have time leftover, then we can sit and chat. BUT only when her work is completed. I think that might have helped a little because we haven't had work sent home since.

I am so very not ready for this! Why can't they stay 2 forever?

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March

and Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

My goodness. I have been MIA for almost the entire month of February. Its been busy. And fun! And more busy.

Onto March. Hopefully this weather freking warms up soon. I almost froze at the bus stop. Its COLD! Jay and I were lucky enough to have a night out on Saturday. My parents and my sister took the girls over night so Jay and I made the most of it. We went out to dinner with our $2 gift card worth $25. That was awesome! Then we picked up Jay's friend Tom and headed out to Detroit. I can tell you that its been a very long while since I had a night out like this! ANd it was so fun! We started out at Motor City Brewery and Nathan met us there. We stayed until almost 2am I think. Then we headed over to Lafayette Coney Island. Its older than old and smaller than small. Apparently the food is awesome. I wouldn't know. My belly was too full from the 4 sodas I drank at the brewery to have room for anything else. Then we headed back to Tom's capping the evening off at 4am. That was nuts. I can tell you that I laughed harder and had more fun Saturday night than I have had in a long time.

Sunday the girls came back and we laid low. Daddy was a little slow moving....wonder why and I was TIRED! So, we hung out played some WebKinz and had a fire. I made some killer meatloaf and mashies for dinner and the girls went to bed extra early. Cecelia was sleeping before 8 which is a rareity.

Happy March everyone. Lets hope that the weather makes it above 40 sometime soon!