Thursday, January 31, 2008

I just wanna work out for goodness sake!

Thats what I get for waiting until 10:30 to work out. I started my exercise obsession the first full week of January and since then I have worked out all but 4 days (I allow one week off a week.) Now, by working out I don't mean heavy lifting, running miles, treadmills, machines yadda yadda. I mean me, myself and a mall walk or two a week for an hour. Maybe a jaunt around the neighborhood for an hour or perhaps a dvd or vhs of the latest workout craze. I got two Biggest Loser dvds for a belated Christmas present and I love them! I do Pilates and Yoga here and there and you can't go wrong with a little Aerobic Strip Tease. Haha! I've been known to hit the step with babe in arm for added weight resistance. We are making this exercise thing a family affair thats for sure!

So, Em and Elle are asleep. The house is picked up and ready for the morning and it's quiet. Well, except for Ce-Bop. Dang-it! I can't get the kid to sit by herself for 30 minutes. I've tried it all...the Bumbo, the bouncy, the glider, the swing, the play gym, the rattles, every gizmo and gadget I can think of and here I sit....blogging with a kid attached to my boob. Geez Louise. I don't care if I am up till midnight. I will fit in a 30 minute workout!! I am determined now! This baby weight ain't budging without some hard work!

On a potty training note. We made it out of the house today with a potty training kid! We were fresh out of produce and we needed more, so it was do or die. I did chicken out and put a pull up on before we left the house, but as we were checking out at Vince and Joe's, Elle told me she had to go potty, so I grabbed her hand and one of Em's hands and we flew to the far back corner of the store. Thank goodness Jay was with me and he stayed with the groceries and Ce-Bop. We got into the bathroom and I neatly placed about a roll of toilet paper on top of a few seat covers and the little stinker sat down and peed. I am certain the lady in the stall next to us thought we were a little looney, but we had a little potty party in the handicap stall of the Vince and Joes bathroom. To top it off, she lifted her Nike clad foot and flushed the potty with it. Obviously her Mommy is teaching her well. My guess is the kid has this potty thing in the bag. I never pushed. I let her take the lead and sure it took almost three years, but it's worked in less than a week! Go Momma! Go Elle!

Potty Training Stinks

Oh the joys. Why oh why do I stress so much over potty training? I think its par for the course for a mother, but dang. Elle has been using the potty now for exactly one week tomorrow. And well, it's going surprisingly well. With Em I pushed her a little hard cause I wanted her to go and now with Elle, I let her make up her own mind. So, last Friday she woke up dry, I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. She peed on the potty and ran to her fully stocked panty drawer, picked out a green pair of Dora panties and so it began. Sure, I walk around with a bottle of carpet cleaner and microfiber towels all day long, but she is getting the hang of it. And I can honestly say that she did it herself. I knew it would happen in time.

I do have a funny story. One that Jay won't be too proud of, but it's funny nonetheless. Anyone who knows Jay knows he has a weak stomach. Surprisingly he has handled diaper changes well for the last 4+ years. Well, yesterday I took Em to dance and of course Elle figures that the best time to "download" so poor Daddy had to deal with poopy panties. I guess it was REALLY bad cause when I got home Jay was finishing up vomitting and Elle was crying cause Daddy flushed her panties. LOL. He felt so awful, but I laughed and luaghed and laughed some more. We explained to Elle that Daddy was just washing her panties, but with the puke all over them, he just flushed them. Gross huh? Yep. The joys of potty training. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. :)

I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I told my mom that I was just going to potty train Ce-Bop while I was at it and have 'em all done. We have been changing diapers in this house for 4 years and 5 months. Thats a long time. And most of that time we have had two kids in diapers. IF we didn't cloth diaper can you imagine that diaper bill and the amount of diapers that we would be contributing to the landfills?? Dang.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day One

I guess it's time for me to get in the swing of things. To hit the age of technology. I am sure that Jay will be ecstatic. I spend more than enough time as it is on my mom board posting away the day and now I am going to start a blog? Oh yeah- he's gonna be thrilled. I suppose I will just have to get up an hour early everyday to make time for it all. :) I have been reading the blogs of a few of my friends and decided, "Hey, that's cool. I wanna do some of that." It's just a matter of how well I actually do it. I used to be a prized writer back in the day, but I think after all these years of not having to do it, I lost a bit of it. I am sure with the girls silly antics I can come up witha few cute stories a day. One thing is for sure...they keep me on my toes.

Today is Wednesday. It's our "busy day" in our house. We have school, then mall walking, then dance. Today was even busier cause Em was special person of the day at school and we had to get snack in and on top of that, Busia and Dziadzia stopped by to watch the girls while Momma and Auntie Laura went to get Momma's hair cut. Ten full inches and then some. A nice donation to Locks of Love if I do say so myself. As sad as it is for me to cut all that off, thats how excited I am to see the final product. I hate to brag, but dang it's HOTT! Its a lot less than shoulder length and darker than the norm. I love it. It's my 10 pound weightloss gift to myself. Now I need to get my butt in gear cause my next 10 pound gift is SHOES and I need some bad!