Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jay's parents have had their trailer parked at Caseville all summer. They begged us to come up and use it. Unfortuantely, we didn't get up there half as much as we wanted to. With a garage that we redid and a new door that we put in, and a bathroom that we spruced up and Jay's crazy work schedule and the yardwork and the parties it just didn't happen the way we planned. We made it up for one weekend and then on two seperate occasions we made a day trip out of it.

This past week, Jay decided on Thursday that we should head up to Caseville on Saturday. He called his brother and the plans were set. Our two families were heading up for a visit. Jay had called his parents and left them a message on their never working cell phone but apparently they didn't get the message and we shocked the heck out of them. When Jay's brother and SIL and nephew pulled in ten minutes behind us, they were shocked beyond belief.

We had a super day spending time at the park, having dinner out, going on a nice nature hike at the nature trail and just spending time outdoors. The weather was perfect to say the least. A little cold for the beach and swimming, which disappointed Em and Elle, but perfect in every other way. I am so pleased that our children love the outdoors like they do. It makes me so happy to spend all this time together as a family enjoying the most simple things. I was a maniac out on the nature trail and freaked everyone out by pretending to eat wild mushrooms and dead mice. Good times. Fun times. It makes me giggle, but I am pretty sure my in laws think I am a nut job. Hey, isn't that what life is all about? haha!


I swear all I do on a regular basis is clean. I seriously have been cleaning since Sunday and walking into the house, you would never guess it. My mother even came over on Monday evening to entertain the kids while I cleaned. I got the basement all in order, but the rest of the house is another story. It seems like everytime I get one area picked up and move onto another area, the kids have the first area messed up again.

And Hurricane Cecelia? Dang, that kid can REALLY mess up a room. Especially if its a room with any kind of books or paper. You should see what she can do with five minutes alone in her bedroom with the book case. Or 30 seconds alone in the front room with my magazine stacks. lol. She is always into something.

I swear that from Friday evening till Saturday when the guests arrive for the party, I am locking the kids up in an empty room while I do the last minute details. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe we'll have to have movie night on Friday while Momma cooks her little heart out and bakes a few cakes and a few hundred cookies. Good times. Fun times.

This time last year

I was beginning the labor process. My uncle passed away exactly a year ago Sunday and my family was making plans to travel up for the funeral. I knew I wasn't going, but being I had 3 weeks to go, Jay was going to go up for the visitation and the funeral with my sisters. It was a Sunday and I felt weird. I couldn't quite pin point it and I swore there was no way it was labor. I spent the day cleaning the house and sleeping. I was in denial. I told Jay that I thought it was a good idea if he didn't leave me cause all I thought about was everyone who was important to me was going to be four hours away and that I would have the girls here with me and go into full blown labor. And with my history of QUICK births, I knew no one would make it in time.

I remember very vividly my mom calling me at 12:03 pm on Friday September 28. I knew if she was calling so early in the day, it must not be good news. My favorite uncle, my Godfather, had lost his battle with cancer. We had found out right about the time that we announced we were pregnant with Cecelia. Now, at 37 weeks my mom was calling to tell me he was gone. She knew earlier in the morning, but was afraid to call me. She figured with all the stress, I would put myself into labor. I suppose she is pretty smart afterall. I cried and cried. I felt bad because I knew I wasn't going to be able to say a proper farewell. I had wrote him a note before he passed (only a week before) and told him if our baby was a boy, he was going to have his name as his middle name.

So a year ago this very moment, I was mourning the death of my uncle and preparing to meet the newest addition to our family. Though I still remember thinking that this wasn't it. It just couldn't be. Boy was I WRONG!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Splash Village

It's been almost two weeks since we went, so I suppose I should blog all about it. I was really hoping to have a bunch of new pictures, but my camera crapped out, so I guess I got nothin'.

We had a great time! We got up EARLY Sunday morning and dropped Cecelia off at my mom and dad's at 10am! We had donuts and coffee and juice with them and headed out. The rain on the way there was horrible. It was pouring so hard, it was near white out conditions. We kept going and finally got there. The girls were so excited when we pulled in and they weren't even that worried about getting wet while running into the hotel. They actually had our room ready when we got there at 1. I was surprised. We changed into our suits and headed to the waterpark. The girls went on ALLLLLL the waterslides- even the big ones with Jay and I! They were thrilled!

We had lunch at the cafe there and went back. In all, I think we spent something like 7 hours in the waterpark. The best part was that we were 4 of like 35 people in the whole waterpark. There was NO ONE there! We got back to our room and ordered pizza to our room and ate it in bed. How often do my kids do that? Ummm..never! Then we loaded in the van at 9:00 and went to look at all the Christmas lights in the Bronners parking lot. The girls crashed out and Jay and I stayed up and watched HGTV and talked about how lucky we are to be so blessed.

Monday morning we got up to hit Birch Run for a few stops and headed back to pick up Cecelia. I missed her something fierce. I think that she missed me too cause she smothered me in kisses when I picked her up. She was so happy to see me, but I KNOW that she had a riot with Busia and Dziaz. This was the first time she got complete and total one on one time with them and she was so excited. She learned a few new things and I think she might have grown over night.

We are so lucky to have what we have. Three beautiful girls, a great relationship and the ability to be able to take a little trip here and there for quality family time. We are also EXTREEEEMELY blessed to have people like my parents in out lives who drop everything to help us out and who genuinely enjoy time spent with our kids!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elizabeth...oh Elizabeth

I figured that I should do an "Elizabeth post" just to keep everyone equal. Th kid cracks me up and there is never a dull moment with her. She likes to accessorize more than any kid I have ever met. She is all about dresses (and matching hats- see side pictures) and wears the same few dresses all week. I am not sure what we are going to do come winter time and we have to put the sundresses and nightgowns away. She was the first one to take on the challenge of swimming underwater this summer and actually does it quite well. She is almost brave enough to attempt sommersaults underwater. I guess we will save that one for next year.

I was seriously feeling a little guilty for not enrolling Elle in 3 year old preschool this year. Emily never went- only to 4 year preschool and thats my plan with all the kids. Well, I assumed it was going to be very hard for her to say good bye to Em and not be going anywhere herself. Was I wrong! The kid is doing SOOOOOO well being at home with Cecelia and me. She is a whole different person when she is the "big kid" and she and I are having a riot during Cecelia's naptime. I am allowing for more one on one time with her and the time is just precious. She is growing and learning by leaps and bounds and I think she really enjoys our time together now more than ever. I have a very good feeling now about keeping her home one more year. I love the feeling you have when you know a choice that you have made turns out to be the right one. Ahhhh...such peace and happiness.

11 months????????????

Where did the time go? Cecelia is 11 months old and I have been working hard on FIRST birthday invites. I am a little behind this time around. I think I am in total denial that my baby is going to be one! It's so hard to comprehend when just yesterday (or so it seems) we were bringing her home from the hospital. My, how fast the time does fly!

We are busy all day long with her. She is actually a VERY good baby, but she is just that. A baby. She LOVES the stairs still, so we are always one step behind her on those- literally. And she loves to play with Emily and Elizabeth- so we are extra careful with the My Little Ponies. She has taken a new interest in "reading" and will seriouly sit with her legs crossed and "read" nice and loud while she thumbs thru a book. Cracks me up. I have snuck up a few times trying to get it on video, but she seems to sense me and crawls over to give kisses. One of these days I will get it!

Friday, September 12, 2008


We officially have a Kindergartener in the house. Emily had her first day of school and she is hooked. She loves it. She likes her teacher, likes her friends, and loves the work! Geez- just wait until she gets into highschool and lets see if she is still saying that.

I think her favorite part of school right now is the bus ride to and from. She gets so excited to see the bus coming down the street to pick her up. And the bus driver in the afternoon has to remind her that it's time to get off the bus. I think Em would sit and chit chat for a few more rides around the block. :) Thats my girl. Today she got off the bus and informed me she sat with Will. He is a boy she met last year in preschool and he is now in her Kindergarten class. Personally I think he is like the cutest kid ever. She has good taste, thats for sure. lol.

I have decided after two weeks that I kinda like this school stuff. I like our new schedule and *gasp* I like getting up early and getting everything accomplished by noon. Its amazing to me that so many people are up and moving at 8am! We were at Michaels the other day as the store was opening. Can I tell you that has NEVER happened in our house. It's mind boggling to me!

So here it is the third week of school on Monday and Em won't be there. We got a smokin' deal on a hotel room at Splash Village and we decided to take the big girls for a little relaxation and a lotta fun. Cecelia is going to spend a little one on one time with my mom and dad and we are gonna hit the waterslides hard. Woooohooooo!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Fun!

We started our Labor Day weekend with a impromptu trip to Oak Beach (up near Caseville) to visit Jay's parents. They have had their camper up there ALLLLL summer and this was only the second time we were there. Its been too busy of a summer thats for sure. So, we hit Oak Beach and spent the entire day hangin' out and spending time as a family. We went to Prot Austin in the evening and watched the sun set over the lake. It was gorgeous!

Sunday we dropped the girls off at my mom and dads and went to the craft show at the Peach Festival. Then we went back and swam and had dinner. After that, we headed back up to The Peach Festival and watched the bed races and classic car cruise. We headed over to the fair and the girls had a riot on a few rides, had an elephant ear and some cotton candy compliments of Auntie Lisa and Uncle Rob. I think we got home Sunday night just before midnight. Good times. Fun times.

Monday we hung out at home and relaxed. I had a TERRIBLE day and was very emotional thinking of the start of Kindergarten. I cried half the day- a few times in the pantry and few times in the bathroom. (couldn't let Em know how sad I was feeling) I am not sure what the deal was. I think it was a combo of feeling old, feeling like my baby was leaving, I'm not so sure. I was a wreck, though. We did get out of the house and went to Home Depot and Lowes and went out to dinner. Then we came home, had baths and got to bed early.

A great weekend to wrap up our fun filled summer. Can it be that fall is right around the corner already? YIKES!

Happy Birthday Dear Em!

My first born turned 5!!!!!!!! Five years ago we bacame parents. I became a Momma! Its so hard to believe that five years have flown by and that two more kids have been added. It seems like yesterday. I am certain the kid is going to be 25 before I know it!

We celebrated with a Barbie Party per Em's request. I made a huge dinner for our family and a Barbie Cake of course complete with a PINK dress. She got so many nice gifts- the best of all, according to her- is her PINK Barbie bike from mom and dad.

On her actual birthday we went off to the mall and got her ears pierced. She was such a great big girl and never even cried. What a trooper. She is just so very proud of her pink flower earrings and has shown them off to everyone!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You will always be my baby!

Bathroom DONE

We finished the bathroom just in time for Em's birthday party! We celebrated in style with newspaper on the windows still since Jay ran out of time to hang the new blinds and no doors on the cabinets since we ran out of time to hang them. Oh well. It still kicks butt. As soon as I download some pics, I will be sure to post them. Its bright green and beach themed. So cute and so very happy and bright!

Playin' Catch Up!

Over the next few posts, I am going to try really hard to get my arse caught back up. Bear with me. :)