Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Six years ago

at this very moment, I was enjoying my very last night as a non-mom. Jay was out with a friend of his (since today is his best friend's birthday) and I sat home getting last minute baby stuff together and reading and relaxing. We were scheduled the very next morning for an induction to get our first baby out. I can't imagine that it has been that long. SIX YEARS! Where does the time go?

32 weeks

I can't believe it. Eight weeks (or five weeks) until the newest addition makes his or her way into this family. I have the most mixed emotions about it. On one hand I am super excited and can't wait to meet this little person that has been kicking and rolling in my belly, but on the other hand I want to cry. Jay and I are pretty sure that this is the final addition to the family and I kind of want to make this pregnancy last a little longer. I can't imagine that after this baby arrives, I am never going to lay in bed at night and read out loud to myself just because I know the baby can hear. I can't imagine never putting on a pair of pocketless maternity pants again. I can't imagine closing this chapter of my life and moving onto the next. Though, I am pretty sure after a ton of tears, I will be totally okay with our decision. I know that money will be tight the older the kids get and I don't want to stretch our budget that far and I don't know honestly if this momma will handle more than four. I am pretty sure that every single day of the week this fall will be filled with some kind of activity. It's going to be busy, but its going to be fun. And with more than 4 kids, that doesn't leave any more days of the week for activities. :) Thats what I keep telling myself.

As for my 32 week appt today, everything went well. Not surprisingly. I told my doctor about the episode of contractions and painful movements I had on Saturday night and he said he wouldn't doubt if the baby was turning into position. And I think he might be right because now most of the movements I feel are up in the ribs and less in the hip bones. He said maybe I should start taking it a little easier and resting more. HA! Who has time for that? I measured 35 weeks, baby's hearbeat was 155 and my blood pressure was perfect. Oh and I lost 4 lbs according to their scale. Amazing!

Tonight I put together my new double stroller. Sunday I put together the diaper shelf in our bedroom and the carseat is ready to go. The baby's bag has been sitting packed for a week and my suitcase is coming on Saturday. I am sure I will have it packed by next week. I have to borrow my sister's suitcase again because it is the perfect size for a hospital visit.

I can't believe this pregnancy is drawing to an end. I CANNOT wait to meet our new baby!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One of my all time faves

I swear this is one of the best pictures I have ever taken. My sister and brother in law live on 5 acres and have "pet deer." They are rather tame and come when my sister calls them (by name of course.) In the spring, the girls and I were visiting Auntie Lisa and Cecelia saw the deer. She literally took off running after them calling out, "Dog. Woof. Dog. Arf." We have since taught her the word deer, so there will be no misunderstandings. :) It was just plain funny to see her reaction to the deer and their reaction to her. Priceless.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Thirty weeks down....Ten more to go. I can't believe it!

I had another great drs appt on Tuesday, My blood pressure was the lowest it's ever been at the drs office. I normally have really GREAT blood pressure, but for some odd reason whenever I get there, it shoots up. I think its the excitement about being there. I am odd. I look forward to each and every drs appt. I genuinely love going. Not just to hear the baby and talk baby, but because I adore everyone that works at my office.

The baby's heartbeat was 142 and I went back to measuring 32 weeks. Not too bad and maybe- just maybe this baby won't be as big as I expect he or she will be. :) Who am I kidding? I am expecting him or her to be the biggest so far. At least 10 lbs is my guess. We'll see!