Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you please take a minute and pray

I have been following a few quad blogs since a friend of mine told me that a girl we went to highschool with was having quads. I am seriously addicted to reading about the daily life of quad families. Its truly a miracle and absolutely amazing to me. Thru the blog I read I have been linked to another. I don't know this family personally, but my heart breaks for them. I can't even begin to imagine.

I hope that its okay with them that I post this here, but please say a prayer for their babies, especially Preston. Thank you!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Got you (Where I want you)

Man, I haven't heard this song in years. Seriously, its been A LONG TIME! When Jay and I started dating, we HAD to have "a song." I think all 18 year old girls need to have a song. We had a hard time picking one. One day I was looking thru Jay's cd collection and found this cd. I knew a lot about music and had never heard of this band. I still don't know a darn thing about them. I don't know a thing about the song and I don't really know all the words. How horrible is that? But I love the slow beginning of it and I love the words that I do know. Had I not been so in love with Aerosmith and had this song not had such a fast beat in the middle I know this would have been our wedding song.

I think this would be prime example of why everyone needs a song. I listen to this song and the memories are flooding back. Is it funnier than hell that I have these little butterflies right now? I know I am weird, but if there is a song related to an event, I can recall the event like it was yesterday. I love music and I love the memories music creates for me.

Thanks Ellisa!

I am getting better and better at figuring out this Blog stuff. I have always wanted music on my blog. One of my friends has music on her blog so I followed the link and set up my own playlist I am so excited for me. Hope you enjoy the music. Some of my faves. Hopefully I can figure out how to change things up a bit if need be. I'll leave that for another day.

Money saving to the maxx

I am on a mission this year to cut down our spending and to build a stockpile of commonly used products in our house. (buying stuff we don't need is a waste of money, afterall)

I have found CVS and the nifty extra care bucks (ecbs) that they give you for buying products in their store. The beauty is when you have a coupon and they give you free money to spen in their store. Last week after spending $7.40 out of pocket (oop) I got 3 packs of Kotex feminine products, 2 packs of soy joy bars, 4 glade air fresheners, 2 dish soaps and a two pack of toothpaste. (that was like $36 worth of stuff!!) So, needless to say, we are taking advantage of that and I am learning every week how to make the most of my money there.

Today we went to Meijer (Jay has been to Meijer every day this week because we read that they only let you double two identical coupons for ine item) Jay stops every day on the way to and from work because we bought 20 coupons for Chex Mix on ebay. They were for $.50 off and doubled to $1 and it was on sale for $1. Twenty FREE bags of Chex Mix! Can you even imagine?
I can almost gurantee that at least a few will end up in the food basket at church. :)

Anyway, today we went as a family with coupons in hand. I bought only sale items. Even all the meat and produce I bought was on sale (well, excpet the bananas) We spent $98.xx and saved $99.xx. We had over $32 in coupons. I was so very excited! ( I know, its the little things) I guess all the browsing ads and coupons this week really paid off for us!

It's amazing to see how many people- young and old- are shopping for coupons these days. Its so cool to me. And its like free money! LOVE IT!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My big girl

While this might not be the best picture ever taken of Cecelia, its still one of my favorites. She's dirty. She has her teething rash. She has on her Daddy's hat. But dang. Have you ever seen two more beautiful eyes? I used to pay money for contacts that made my eyes that blue. I think they might just be one of her best features.

Cecelia went to her 15 month well baby visit with her Daddy yesterday. She did GREAT! She got one shot (and she never even cried) I had warned Jay that she might cry a little and that he would have to be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses. No tears at all from her, though! Way to go big girl! She weighs 27lbs 5 oz and is 31.75 inches tall. (90% and 95% for her age) She is healthy as can be and was on her best behavior.

Cecelia is signing a few words now. She can do baby, eat, Momma, Daddy, milk and we are working on drink. She is saying a few words, too. Momma, Daddy, Lilly kitty, Whats that, Oh see. She can blow kisses, give high fives, wave hello and goodbye. She calls the birdies to her hand, too. She is walking and almost running, climbing, rolling, laughing and dancing. She can also throw a pretty mean temper tantrum already. I almost forgot how fun this age is!

I am so proud to be Cecelia's Momma. She is such a smart little lady and so sweet and caring, too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thats better

I think I like this one better. Easier to read. And its Em and Elles favorite colors.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the flair is added

I am not sure I love it. I may be doing some revisions soon. I guess it might grow on me. We'll see.

Thanks to Ellisa, Marissa and Jennifer for the discussion about changing the backgroud. I am pretty observant, huh? lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I need to add some flair

Too bad the blog decorating site is down right now. I turned everything boring and black and white and now I can't add anything. I sure hope they get that thing up and running because I am BORED.

Happy Birthday!

Today is our nephew Lucias' first birthday! I can't even imagine that he is a year old already! I still remember like yesterday my brother and sister in law telling us they were pregnant and then I remember my brother conference calling my sisters and me to tell us the baby was here. A year surely flies by quickly. And even moreso when we have only seen the little man a handful of times. I sure wish he would convince his mom and dad that MI is the place to be (despite the lack of jobs and the high rate of foreclosures- whatever who needs a job OR a house????) lol

So, Happy Birthday Lucias Jay! Hope you had a super duper day!

If you are reading this post

Please be sure to scroll down and check out all of the new pics I added. There are several new posts that all contain new pics.

Way to update that blog, Momma!

Our Annual Bowling Extravaganza

Each and every year we have gotten together with my family either at Christmas time or in January depening on when my brother and sister in law come "home" for Christmas and bowl. It's been our tradition for at least five years that I can remember. I have pictures of four month old Emily hanging out in her stroller in the bowling alley. I have pictures of me 7 months pregnant with Elle bowling away. We bowl a few games, share a few pitchers of bowling alley beer and eat a few too many assorted deep fried bullshits (the name we lovingly call all the deep fried yummy, artery clogging food that the bowling alley serves) Seriously, it might very well be one of my favorite days of the year.

This year Emily and Elizabeth bowled. We got them their own lane with bumpers and a ramp thingie and they had a blast. Especially Emily. I am thinking bowling league when they get a little older. :) This year we also tagged along two babies. Cecelia wanted nothing more than to walk down the lanes and Lucias had fun hanging out in the exersaucer. (How white trash, right? Taking an exersaucer to the bowling alley. I think its rather funny myself)

And for the record, the first game, I beat EVERYONE except my dad. Not too shabby. I was only 2 pins below him, too. I could have beat him, but I choked my last frame. The pressure was too much. Haha.

Merry Christmas!!!

Our beautiful family.

Cecelia opening her first (and favorite present) a new cell phone just like momma's. Hopefully she will stop dialing mine and start using hers.

Emily with her Frosty ornament. Every year we buy ornaments that have special meaning. This year we watched Frosty a zillion times, so it was fitting.

Elizabeth with her favorite ornament. Again, we watched Rudolph a bazillion times and it was always her first pick for movie time.

I love this picture. My Dad has a huge train and all the grandkids have a car for the year they were born. The kids were all just sitting and watching the train. I have about three pics of this and it actually shows their heads moving to watch the train. ADORABLE!

I like to call this one MISCHIEF

This is what happens when you leave Cecelia alone in the bathroom with the toilet and a roll of toilet paper.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Then Emily got the Aces Award for Academics

I am pretty sure I cried a little. I was taking video and crying at the same time. I am proud of all of my kids all of the time, but I was EXTRA proud of Emily that day.

Here they are...the first post of pictures...

We went to the Parade Company for our first Daisy Girl Scouts field trip.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post of the New Year


I swear that I will update the blog soon.
So much has been going on the last week and a half that my head is spinning.
The girls are going to my mom and dads for the night tonight and the day tomorrow so maybe I can download some pics and get caught up. MAYBE.

So for now, Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope 2009 finds you happy, healthy and full of good things.