Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday we spent the day at my mom and dad's with my Aunt Rita, my cousins Renee and Karen and my cousins' kids Evan, Alivia, Caleb and Rachel. I guess Emily and Elizabeth were excited to show off a little. They always have been great swimmers and have loved the water since day one. I was so proud this year when neither of them needed floaties in the water but only rings to jump off the diving board.

Wellllll....apparently, Emily was all about keeping up with the big kids. Yesterday she put on a pair of goggles and plugged her nose and took off swimming UNDER the water. And she is good at it. I mean really good. Then she shocked the heck out of me by getting on the diving board with no armies or floaties and jumping off into nine feet of water with nothing but her goggles. Then, she swam to the side and climbed up the ladder. I was beaming with pride.

Not to be outdone, Elizabeth grabbed a pair of goggles and told me she was going under too. And she did. Not too shabby for kids who can't stand to have water dumped on their head in the bath. I think by the end of this summer or the beginning of next, she will probably be doing the same thing as Emily. I am so very proud of the little fish they are and only hope that they continue with their love for the water. Maybe that will help when we try and talk Daddy into a pool someday. :)

Life with Cecelia

Well. It seems as though my itty bitty isn't so itty bitty anymore. YIKES!

Tuesday night I plopped Cecelia in her pack and play long enough to vaccuum the upstairs. She was in her bedroom and I took the gate down so I could vaccuum. While I was in Em and Elle's room, Emily came in and told me she "had the most wonderful news for me." She grabbed my hand and led me to Cecelia's room and there was my itty bitty STANDING in her pack and play bouncing up and down. At that very moment I was so proud but yet so sad. There is no denying it- she's getting bigger.

The next morning, we were cleaning up and getting ready for breakfast. My morning ritual is to get Cecelia up, change her and take her downstairs to the third level living room/toy room while I make breakfast. Wednesday morning Elizabeth was semi helping and wandered off into the family room in the front of the house and was watching the birds in the front yard. I joined her at the window and we were counting the birds. All of a sudden I heard a close Cecelia sneeze and turned around to see her at the top of the stairs. Obviously she wanted to join in our fun, too. Thankfully she didn't fall backwards, though and knock herself out. I always used the living room as her safe place cause it's baby proofed. Now, though, I guess thats not an option anymore. Within 12 hours the kid learned to stand and crawl up the stairs. What's next? I guess only time will tell.

And you wonder why I have a hard time finding the time to blog. lol

Monday, July 28, 2008


Geez Louise. I always say I am going to get here more often and I swear I try. I have this thing in my house now called a mobile infant, so it makes my life a little more challenging. It's not like I can plop her down in a spot and she will be there when I get back. It seems as though little Miss might be figuring out the stairs already, too. YIKES!

We spent a rather uneventful weekend painting the garage (I know! Sounds fun, right?) and catching up with the fam. My parents came and got the girls on Saturday and kept them from noon till eight in which time Jay and I spent painting the garage. Then Sunday we painted and went to my mom and dad's for a bbq and swimming with my family. It was a very nice relaxing day- well deserved after all the painting we did. WOOHOO!

I am preparing for a garage sale in two and a half weeks. I suppose I should prepare a little faster cause its really sneaking up on me. I had a date planned of August 14-16 and my mom took a few vacation days to help out. I think it was meant to be cause on Saturday someone dropped a note in our mailbox asking if we wanted to join in a block garage sale. Hell yeah! I called to woman today and told her to sign us up. Maybe thats a sign that this sale is gonna make me enough cash to buy a new fridge. We so desperately need one and I want to pay cash for it. I am all about cash these days as we are burying out from a little credit card debt. :)

Not much is happening otherwise. We try to get out and play at least a few times a week, but with all this crazy business we have had, its not always easy. My favorite aunt Rita and a few of my cousins and their kids are arriving tomorrow to spend a few days at my moms. Its our yearly shin dig, so my guess is that we will be spending the next 4 days driving back and forth between our house and my moms. Wednesday is pierogi making day (which I am more than excited about)

I will update when I can- I promise it will be soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ummmm yeah.....

Apparently I need to get back in gear and get rid of my fat arse!

I've been slipping. BAD!

It's time to get back on the wagon and get serious about this!

The only problem I have is that we are contemplating if and when the next baby will come and I hate the thought of losing a bunch of weight only to put it back on. I know thats horrible.

But today we were out shopping and I am only sizes away from the women's section. No offense to anyone out there, but that is really hard for me to take. I want to wear JUNIORS clothes again for goodness sakes.

Dear Lorene,
Get off your ass and get to the gym. Stop eating all the crap that you eat and get healthy again. For yourself. You can do it. You go girl!

I already told Jay after the funeral services tomorrow and Thursday, I will be at the gym since he will be home with the girls in the evening. I don't care if its midnight, I WILL be at the gym for goodness sake!

Okay, I am done having my pep talk and pity party!

Make it stop!

Can someone please tell Cecelia that she needs to stop growing? Today my itty bitty started crawling. 9.5 months and she is finally crawling. I forgot how cute it is to watch them rock and rock and then finally take off. I was in no hurry for this day to come. Trust me. I'd rather she be small and immobile for a few more months, but no such luck. AND when we were at Kohl's today finding funeral clothes for Momma, she stood in front of the fitting room mirror giving herself kisses. Where or where has my baby gone?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rest In Peace Grandpa John Stema

Today the world lost an amazing man. Jay's Grandpa John passed away this morning at the ripe age of 97 years young. He was an extraordinary man who lived thru many things. He outlived two wives and was still going strong. I remember when I met Jay for the first time, we were talking of my family's cabin and hunting property near Alpena and he asked me if it was near Posen. He told me he had a step- grandfather who grew up in Posen. Come to find out, Grandpa John knew my entire family. He grew up with my mom's father and knew my dad's family amazingly well (Posen is a SMALL town)

Grandpa John was Jay's step grandfather. He married Jay's mom's mother before Jay was even born. ALl his life, Grandpa John has been the only Grandfather he knew. Although they weren't super close, we all loved Grandpa John. He was at all three of our girl's christenings and first birthday parties. He was even at my Busia and Dzia dzia's 50th wedding anniversary with Jay's grandma (this was way before Jay and I even met.)

He was a fantastic man who will be dearly missed. I always felt special when he was around because even though there were times when he didn't remember who he himself was and couldn't recognize anyone, he always remembered me and called me "that Darga girl from Posen." I am going to miss his spirit, but most of all his stories about my family and about people in Posen. I am glad that Jay's Aunt Maddy spent countless hours dictating his stories so that it will be a memorial for all of us.

So long Grandpa John. We love you and will miss you always......

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy busy

Thats us. Though, I don't suppose I can even recall what we did this week. We have just been going going going.

Emily now has the infamous rash that our nephew brought over last week. It spread like wildfire through our girls and now we are at the tail end. According to our ped who saw Cecelia on Monday for her 9 month check, the rash isn't contagious once it starts scabbing over. Fun fun fun! I missed a whole week at the gym because of it and it makes me wanna scream! I did make up for it with a few laps in my mom and dad's pool followed by a nice run next to the Power Wheels. A whole mile if you can believe that!

Elizabeth read the title of a book to me the other day. Yep! Elizabeth! I 'bout fell outta my chair. She is also quite the little vocalist. I crack up laughing when she asks for songs in the van by name. She is a fan of Kiss, Black Eyed Peas and a little KID ROCK. Dear Lord- we may have the next American Idol in our house and we may not even know it.

Cecelia had her 9 month well baby. My God! Where did the last 9 months go?????????????? She is healthy as can be and developing on schedule. I was telling the doc that she really isn't pulling up to standing yet and I kid you not that evening she did. She is getting on all fours and rocking and wants to stand and crawl so bad. I don't discourage it but I surely am not encouraging it. By the third time around, I wouldn't mind keeping her a baber just a little bit longer. Is that wrong?

Ummmm.....I think thats about all I got these days. I am really gonna try and get this thing updated more often. I think I just need about 24 EXTRA hours in a day! Tomorrow we are off to Jay's work picnic at Blakes in Armada. Then Sunday we need to decide if we are going to the Polish Festival like I want or if we are going to be responsible and stay home and work on painting the garage. I have to move all my hostas that I just planted last spring so we can paint. Ugh ugh ugh! I really don't want to do it, but I also don't want to risk them getting paint all over them or having my not-so-graceful husband trip over them and crack all the huge leaves off. I think I will go ahead and put them in the other garden- I need more there anyway. Then next year I will have an excuse to do more shopping at the nursery. LOL.

Have a splendid weekend........................