Sunday, February 15, 2009

Down time

We had a busy day yesterday. We make it a point to do something fun together as a family on Valentines Day. Yesterday was no exception.

We had made pland to take the girls to the Detroit Children's Museum with some passes that we got at the library. Well, it was a good thing I checked before we left. We were literally sittting in the van and I opened the passport book. It said that passports weren't valid on the 2nd Saturday of the month. WTF?? So, we quickly made a plan B and headed to Cranbrook Science Museum. It was a ton of fun and we even got free cake in honor of Charles Darwin's birthday. SCORE!

After that, we stopped in at the movie store, hit The Christmas Tree Store and Buy Buy Baby to scope the places out and waste an hour before dinner. We ended up at Don Pablos for an early Valentines Dinner and home to watch our movies. A great night for sure.

Today we are enjoying some down time. Cecelia is napping. The girls are watching more movies and at 3:00 they are going to hit the bathtub so that by 4:00 we can leave for our VERY belated Christmas pictures. I've cancelled about 3 appts for snotty noses and despite the fact that Cece is still a little snotty and has a beautiful rug burn patch on her eye, we are getting pictures taken if it kills us! I just hope everyone cooperates. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I didn't run away

though I feel like I might want to.

Its been a busy few weeks over here. I thought February was supposed to be cool calm and collected, but no such luck over here.

~Cecelia FINALLY cut a third tooth (which explains the many sleepless nights I have had in the last month or two and the overabundance of coffee.) She got the top right one and the left is coming in quickly behind. Yep! 16 months and she has 2 half teeth on the bottom and a slight tooth on the top. Its so weird.

~I finished up and mailed in all of my breastfeeding class work. Its done and I have the certificate to prove it.

~I enrolled in my postpartum doula class and am now a member of DONA international.

~It's COOKIE MONTH! We spent this morning at Steak and Shake selling our yummy cookies. I am just hoping that our booth at Kroger on the 22nd does a better job than the one today. We were there a good long time and didn't sell but 28 boxes. The bad news is that we have at least 100 more to sell. Anyone want cookies??

So aside from teeth, cookies and classes I think thats about it. I am trying hard to start spring cleaning, but thats a whole other post. I want to be clutter free soon. Debt free and clutter free. Is there such a thing? I guess only time will tell.....

Until next time.